2024 Mar 15

March 4th is World Obesity Day

This day is not just a reminder for public health, but also brings together healthcare, patient and related communities to raise awareness of #obesity.🚨

According to #WorldObesityAtlas2024, it indicates that no area of the world is immune from the effects of obesity!!

When it comes to the aspect of #patientrecoverycare, obesity contributes to 26% of long-term care pressure injuries. Typically, bariatric residents are younger, healthier, and more independent, lengthening overall care stay and pressure injury treatment (Hahnel, E et al., 2016). Thus, to reduce the risk of pressure ulceration to the #bariatric patient, the use of specialized supportive equipment and resources is essential.

Wellell provides specialized bariatric beds — wider — improve care quality and experience, minimizing nursing injury risks.

Our bariatric support surfaces are featured with:
💡Automated mattress firmness calibration
💡Extra protection with sacral area cushioning

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#DOMUS Auto Bariatric

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