Press release 2021 Nov 24

Optima Prone Wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award 2022

Wellell's Optima Prone wins the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award 2022 for its contribution across medical centres worldwide in improving prone positioning ventilation care delivery and experience for healthcare professionals and patients. 

Optima Prone is a specialized pressure-reducing support surface solution designed to effectively prevent pressure injuries, optimize ICU/RICU workflow, reduce clinical workload, and improve patient outcomes in prone position ventilation.

Severe respiratory distress is a global issue affecting over 250 million COVID-19 cases, causing over 5 million related deaths and 60% in-hospital mortality rate for Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) worldwide. Optima Prone tackles the devastating global healthcare capacity, shortage, and expenditure around ICU beds required for supporting complex respiratory critical care procedures to treat COVID-19-induced ARDS and healthcare frontline workers due to exhaustion and mental illness.

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