Procare Elite

For High to Very High Risk

Pressure Injury Prevention Solution for Post-Acute Care — Gentler, softer pressure relief and skin moisture control for hypersensitive individuals.

Over 11% of NH residents develop PI. 50% are partial skin loss, pink wounds (S/C II), but can quickly deteriorate, requiring hospital readmission and 12 hospitalization days. Residents with PI are 41% less likely to be discharged and 39% more likely to be deceased during their stay.1-3

NH residents often develop moisture-related skin damage (from prolonged exposure to feces and urine) within 13 days after admission. 39% worsens into PI after 2 weeks. Lack of staff, resources, and PI-related training and knowledge significantly complicates patient care, leading to high PI risks.4, 5

Procare Elite simplifies pressure injury prevention for hypersensitive patients by using softer, more gentle, firm presses to optimize pressure relief without damaging the skin and mattress surface ventilation to maintain proper skin moisture conditions. Ideal for postoperative and post-acute care.

Alternating Pressure Redistribution System with Low Air Loss

  • Suitable for patients with high to very high risk for pressure ulcers
  • Ventilated low air loss for patients’ upmost comfort
  • Cell-on-Cell bladder to avoid bottoming out
  • Unique heel relief function for comprehensive care for patients
  • The design of five different modes of treatment fulfilling various patients' needs

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