Domus Auto

For High Risk​​

Alternating pressure redistribution system — automatically adjusting surface pressure, increasing pressure ulcer prevention.

Domus Auto effectively prevents and manages pressure ulcers for patients and enhances and reduces risks of on-the-job injuries for caregivers. The quiet and vibration-free pump embeds a proprietary pressure/body-weight algorithm that automatically adjusts support surface pressure according to the patient's body mass distribution and movement.

Auto-adjust surface firmness

  • Suitable for post-acute care patients. 
  • Automatic adjustment for quick setup and pressure relief delivery. 
  • Cell-in-cell air cells to avoid bottoming out when sitting. 
  • Visual and audible alarm enhances patient safety and security. 

Intuitive pump interface enables caregivers to configure settings and deliver pressure care relief quickly.

Cells in the buttocks area have additional firmness for preventing patients from bottoming out during sitting movements.

Cover with zippers that run around the mattress simplifies cover removal for cleaning and maintenance.

Foam base pocket provides the option of increasing mattress firmness by inserting additional foam.

What materials are the air cells made from?

All air cells are made from Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU). It is highly resistant to breaking down when in contact with water (hydrolysis), soft to touch, and minimizes friction and noise during patient movements.

What does it mean when air cells have cell-in-cell? What are their benefits?

Cell-in-cell design refers to encapsulating a firm air cell within a larger outer cell, doubling the effect of firmness and stability for patients. Wellell’s Domus Series, including Auto, uses air cells with the cell-in-cell design in the sacrum area to improve patient support and comfort during sitting positions and when patients leave and enter the bed.

What material is the cover made of?

The cover is made with nylon/PU and is vapor permeable, fire-resistant, and water-resistant. See specifications for more details on the fire-retardant standards.

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