Events 2022 Nov 13

CAHF 2022 Annual Convention & Expo


13 – 16 November 2022


Wellell @ CAHF 2022 Annual Convention & Expo

Booth No.923 | Palm Springs Convention Center Oasis Exhibit Hall 

Palm Springs, California 

About CAHF 

The California Association of Health Facilities is a non-profit trade association representing skilled-nursing facilities and intermediate-care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities. It provides quality care for the frail, elderly, intellectually disabled and those with chronic mental illness. 

CAHF is the largest provider of continuing education for long-term care providers in California, representing 900 skilled nursing facilities and 420 intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Serving 350,000 individuals each year, skilled nursing providers are directly responsible for more than 139,000 jobs and $5.3 billion in wages and benefits to long-term care employees.

Wellell Products @ CAHF 2022

Pressure Area Care

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About Wellell 

Wellell is a global leader in medical solutions for acute care and post-acute care, operating in more than 70 countries via a dedicated distribution and service network. Founded in 1990, the company integrates wound management solutions, respiratory therapy, and digital healthcare services to deliver improved clinical outcomes and digital well-being for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Driven by a profound respect for every individual life, Wellell aspires to help all inpatients and outpatients, and those who support them to live a healthy, carefree life.