Sedens 400

Total Pressure Relief Care Solution 

Sedens 400 Hybrid Seat Cushion. It can be used as a standalone cushion or with alternating pressure relief function when attached with Wellell's dynamic mattress pumps to provide effective seating solution. Lightweight and portable, perfectly to be used in chairs and wheelchairs. Hybrid design with alternating mode (with pump only) for better pressure relief. Unique air valve with control knob to control the amount of immersion for optimal pressure distribution. 

Cushions to solve your posture issues and promote pressure injury prevention

  • The Sedens 400 is an alternating hybrid cushion which can be attached Domus 3 alternating mattress pumps to provide effective seating solution
  • Prevents from sliding out of position, giving peace of mind to the user
  • 6 air-cell-like one piece pad with foam encased in to reduce risk of bottoming out
  • Fluid resistant, low shear and vapor permeable top cover which protects  skin from friction and moisture
  • HCPCS  Code - E2624

      Total pressure relief care solution made for pressure injury prevention. Can be used with Wellell's Domus Series pumps for effective alternation therapy whiles sitting on a wheelchair. 

      Easy to use knob based air control valve for better comfort adjustment.

        Does Sedens 400 come in other sizes?

        No, Sedens 400 comes in one standard size - 17.3" x 16.1" x 3.5" in.

        Is pump mandatory for Sedens 400?

        No, it is an option if a patient needs to have an alternating therapy mode for better pressure injury prevention. Wellell's Domus series mattress pump can be used alongside the cushion for complete pressure injury care/prevention. Without the pump cushion is still able to self-inflate and deflate for comfort management and pressure redistribution.

        Does cushion inflate or deflate without any external inflation device?

        Yes, the easy-to-use air valve knob is a convenient way to inflate or deflate the cushion at your required comfort level.

        Is there a HCPCS code assigned to Sedens 400?

        Yes, E2624.

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