iX Series

Simplifying CPAP therapy experience for OSA — Connecting users to self and remote-monitoring and improving sleep quality.

Approximately 425 million people worldwide require clinical intervention for severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) but, often goes undiagnosed and untreated. The number continues to climb with the growth of obesity and sedentary lifestyle, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease-related morbidity and mortality and loss in quality of life.1,2

For patients, the cost of treating OSA involves paying 1.9 times more for cardiovascular medication, 2.7 times more for hypertension medication, 50% more in hospitalization days, 2.63 times more days-off-work, 20% decrease in performance, and increase in fees for accidents, injuries, and additional personal compensations.3

iX Series's auto-detection for user breathing behavior, SleepWell app for self and telemedicine monitoring, small footprint, and intuitive user interface makes adopting ongoing continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment for OSA easy and quick for users to see improvement in therapy outcomes.

Automate Sleep Therapy

Automatic breathing detection triggers the release of positive pressure immediately after detecting the user's expiration and switches the device to standby mode after brief inactivity, simplifying the therapy process across all levels of users.

Digital, Global, and Personal

SleepWell app enables users to self-monitor progress and receive coaching or share with healthcare professionals for remote monitoring, improving therapy flexibility, personalization, and insurance management.

Pack-n-Go Sleep Companion

The compact, connected (with Wi-Fi or 4G), and stylish design packs into a carry-on suitcase and blends into the background, ensuring you always have access to high-quality sleep and remote monitoring support from your doctor when travelling.

Breathing in Harmony

iX's new and improved algorithm improves sleeping quality and experience by matching the continuous air pressure expiration with your dynamic breathing cycles, helping you sleep comfortably and peacefully throughout the night.

iX Series

Simplifying CPAP therapy complexity, improving user experience, confidence, and long-term compliance.

Clinicians recommend CPAP for ongoing OSA treatment.

CPAP significantly reduces the risk of chronic diseases and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Sufficient sleep improves fatigue, daytime wakefulness, quality of life, and mental health and function.4,5

How do you clean and disinfect iX?

We recommend cleaning iX by wiping down the device using a clean cloth and a cleaning solution of water mixed with a neutral cleaning agent, then leaving it to air dry. Do not use cleaning solutions that we do not recommend to avoid damaging the device.

Which masks are compatible with iX?

Compatible masks include all of the WiZard 3 Series and WiZard 5 Series.

How to configure iX when it is difficult to fall asleep due to discomfort?

We recommend lengthening the time to reach the desired air pressure level for sleep (device max is 45 minutes) to increase smoothness between air pressure level changes. Usually, it takes a few days of calibration and trials for users to find their optimal settings so, patience and observation are essential.

How to adjust the humidity levels for preventing dry throat and nose?

iX has a built-in humidifier that automatically optimizes humidity levels during therapy sessions. The optional heated humidifier with water chamber and heated tubing allows users additional humidity customization.

How do I avoid triggering Auto OFF when I use the bathroom during the night?

If the user frequently leaves during therapy sessions, we recommend turning off the Auto ON/OFF mode, switching to manual control over power settings for more flexibility.

Can I adjust heated humidity levels during therapy sessions?

Yes. Users can select between the 6 heated humidity levels by turning the dial.

Can the inlet filter be washed and reused?

No. The inlet filter cannot be used and needs routine replacements supplied by your distributor.

If the Run Mask Fit shows "test fail", is the iX still functional?

Failing Run Mask Fit does not impact device function but, be aware it is an indicator for air leak and should be resolved immediately for ensuring optimal therapy outcome.

How do I avoid accumulating water in the heated tubing during use?

We recommend increasing the temperature of the heated tubing and hanging it to dry after each use. If water continues to accumulate after raising the heated tubing temperature, try decreasing the temperature of the heated humidifier. If the problem persists, consult your care provider or distributor.

What kind of self-monitoring compliance information is available on the iX?

Reports for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days compliance information are accessible through the menu. It includes:

    •  Day Used (total treatment days)
    • Usage Hour (total treatment hours)
    • Avg. Usage Hour (average treatment hours per therapy day
    • Compliance rate (percentage of days with treatment times over 4 hours per day)
    • AHI (average number of apnea and hypopneas events during per hour of sleep)
    • Average pressure (average pressure during therapy)
    • 90% (average pressure at or below 90% during therapy)
    • Leakage (average leakage detected during therapy), and
    • Check code (replacement for phone-in data that care providers use to monitor patients)

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