WiZARD 510

Comfort and stability for sleep-disorder breathing therapy — Improving sleep quality and long-term therapy compliance.

Individuals with sleep-disorder breathing can experience improvements in their sleeping quality as quickly as two weeks of positive airway therapy and significantly reduce daytime sleepiness and its impact on quality of life. Factors such as properly minimizing breathing obstruction incidents, improving mask comfort, and reducing the risk of pressure sores, air leakage around the cushion, claustrophobia, nasal congestion, and additional complications from frequently treatment sessions drastically impacts therapy compliance.1,2 

WiZard 510's human-centered design for maximum stability and comfort, unobstructed vision, minimal noise, and easy maintenance simplifies the therapy process, improving user experience and long-term adherence to positive airway pressure therapy.

Sleep Comfortably, Quietly, and Safely

  • Side frame made from soft fabric conforms gently to the user's face, minimizing pressure on the cheek bones during sleep.
  • Forehead-free design provides unobstructed field of vision, allowing users to enjoy leisure activities without distractions or disruptions.
  • Patented ventilation design technology minimizes escaping airflow and eliminates noise, ensuring users get a good quiet sleep.
  • Snap-on, buckle, and quick release parts, flexible tubing, and durable material simplifies assembly, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • 3D-sculpted headgear, breathable framing material, and ergonomic cushion contours to the face, improving comfort and stability.

Continuous comfort on the face allows users to stay asleep all night and wake up without markings on the skin.

Users are free to enjoy nighttime leisure activities while receiving steady air pressure with a fitted mask.

Getting a full night's sleep for the user and their partner is much easier without noise and air leaks disruptions.

Simple cleaning and storing steps keep the therapy process hassle-free and quickly help users develop good maintenance habits.

WiZARD 510

Increasing freedom during CPAP therapy, improving user comfort, experience, and sleep quality.

What are the advantages of nasal masks?

Nasal masks have a smaller skin contact surface area and are less bulky than a traditional full-face mask. They are a great option for individuals who are more likely to feel claustrophobic.

Do I need to buy a new mask if I lose or break a mask part?

No. Each part of the mask can be purchased and replaced as singular units so, no need to buy a whole new mask. We recommend avoiding cleaning the mask and the headgear with a high-temperature solution such as the dishwasher to prevent damaging the parts.

Is the WiZARD 510 mask suitable for people who are allergic to latex?

Yes. The WiZard 510 does not have parts made from latex, PVC, or DEHP and is ISO 10993 biocompatibility test verified.

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