Simplifying CPAP patient care management and self-monitoring — Improving therapy startup experience and long-term adherence.

Patient adherence rate following traditional face-to-face patient monitoring averages 63% and falls slightly over time. A patient's socio-demographic and economic status play a significant role in therapy compliance.1 

Telemedicine and digital monitoring services that provide patients with education and automated feedback increase therapy adherence rate up to 85% within the first 90 days, a critical predictor for long-term compliance.2,3 Self-monitoring data allow care providers to detect problems early and intervene, significantly improving the patient's therapy startup experience.4  Online consultations increase remote subgroups' accessibility to medical care and reduce the heavy financial burden from transportation (up to USD 20,000 a year) and overwhelming clinic resources.5 

SleepWell's web monitoring service allows care providers to manage their patients in a single platform and customize overviews to assess patients’ compliance, identify issues, and deliver data-driven interventions efficiently. The mobile app with daily compliance scores, period reports, and coaching help patients self-monitor their therapy progress and develop healthier habits, improving their startup experience and long-term adherence.

Reduce Management Complexity

A cloud platform with customizable dashboards, weekly and monthly reports, and filtered overviews allow care providers to remotely monitor treatment processes, assess patient compliance and outcomes, and resolve issues efficiently.

Increase Communication Efficiency

SleepWell unifies language and information sharing between care providers and patients, improving approachability and clarity for treatments and consultations. An easy-to-navigate treatment process is vital for long-term compliance.

Improve Experience for Compliance

SleepWell allows care providers to provide patients with data-driven suggestions and treatment plans on-demand, increasing the patient's confidence and adherence in the first 90 days, critical for improving long-term therapy compliance.

Coach to Keep Motivated, Educated

SleepWell mobile app includes instant access to coaching that keeps patients motivated and educated at home and on the road, helping patients adopt healthier lifestyle habits, improve their therapy outcomes and quality of life.

Access Scores and Data Instantly

Scores with a detailed score breakdown allow patients to evaluate therapy effectiveness and communicate concerns with their care providers, streamlining checkups, assessments. SleepWell includes information on parts replacement.*

Self-Monitor Therapy On-The-Go

SleepWell enables frequent travellers to self-monitor their daily scores and make adjustments with the built-in coaching, making it simple for patients to stay consistent in their sleep therapy and continue improving their therapy outcomes.

Improving experiences in the first 90 days raise adherence.

Direct therapy feedback, education, motivation, remote monitoring, and precise interventions during the first 90 days with telemedicine improve CPAP utilization by more than 1 hour/night and increase patient adherence to 77% compared to 31% from conventional care.3 

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* indicates parts replacement is only available for US healthcare patients.


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